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Welcome to the MJC Young Couples Club!

MJC's Young Couples Club (YCC) is an opportunity for MJC’s younger members to meet and socialize. The YCC hosts fun programs on a monthly basis,  including parties and dinners at members' homes, holiday celebrations, and nights out on the town. Events are geared towards couples ages 45 and younger, or couples with at least one child under bar/bat mitzvah age, but all couples who are "young at heart" are welcome to attend. This years events will possibly include: Dine-a-round, theater night, and a family Havdalah service.

The 2015-2016 Young Couples Club year was a huge success, but the 2016-2017 year promises to be even better!!!

Once again, YCC will be charging an annual $10 fee. Applications will be sent in membership packets, but applications will be available below and in the MJC office. Information on MJC YCC can be found on the MJC website and also our Facebook Group or by contacting Darlene Mollov: We look forward to many good times ahead!


Click Here to Download the YCC Application


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