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Dr. Alan Plumer, President
Phone: (845)-357-1257

Dr. Alan Plumer lives in Montebello with his wife, Debbie and three sons, Trevor, Adam and Ross. He is a Gastroenterologist in Orange and Rockland counties, and is a Past President of Montebello Jewish Center (2003-2005). Alan has been on the Board of Trustees continuously for over 15 years, and has also been a Vice President as well as a treasurer of the Men’s Club. Alan has also taught an Adult Education class about the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Alan serves as the Medical Director of Endoscopy in his practice and chairs the Pharmacy Committee at Orange Regional Medical Center.

He enjoys spending time with his family as well as with members of the congregation both in and out of the synagogue.  He also enjoys leading services, reading Torah and Haftarah on Shabbat and the High Holidays. Alan looks forward to watching sporting events, as well as playing tennis and golf. 

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